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Our reports provide useful information:

  • History of owner 
  • A list of recorded serious accidents
  • Car situation (service, kilometers, photos)
  • ...Other useful information


Frequent questions

To get a report with the vehicle history, it is enough to know the VIN code of the vehicle.
Car history reports with our vin decoder.
Vehicle history reports from Europe and the United States are available through AutoDNA.

This is a unique number of car, made up of 17 characters, divided into 3 parts - World Manufacturer Index (3 characters), a descriptive part (6 characters) and a distinctive part (8 characters). Typical location: Under the windscreen, on the left side of the dashboard and the driver's door.

In the search bar on the main page, enter   VIN, click the "CHECK CAR" button. This will open a short vehicle report. To get full information, enter your email address and pay for "Order a Full Report" service.
Choose AutoDNA VIN Decoder for second hand cars.

Main advantages of Autodna Service:

• Checking takes only 2 minutes
• It is enough to know only VIN number
• You can check the machines with on steering wheel left and right
• Over 14 official sources (road police, Easto, FCS, FTS, banks, car dealers, etc.)
• Maximum data on the machine: from restrictions and fines to the history of runs and repairs
• Free Technical Assistance 
• Applications for Android

Autodna vehicle history report for used cars: odometer readings, technical inspections, original equipment,vehicle usage, pictures, stolen vehicles, accidents records.
Check vehicle history with vin check report autodna.

An autodna check report just a few steps away. Simply enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) of a car in the search bar and click CHECK CAR.

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Customer Feedback

I checked the BMW F10. I was afraid that the seller was hiding something. I heard some people like after buying a car, they could not register her. But the car I bought was clean. I liked the report came very quickly. It seems to me that no 2 minutes have passed.


I decided by mistake to check the car before buying it. I saw the restrictions of the road police, which I did not even suspect. At first I thought the mind service. I started to figure it out. It turned out that a few years ago he received a fine that he did not pay. Punishment has become a restriction.


I'm continually checking cars at work. Service very convenient. All reports are stored in your personal account. You can send a link to the report. You can check right on site. I prefer to pay money and sleep well than buying an untested car. I recommend AutoDNA Check!

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